VIDEO PAC 2 (5002):

Choose any 2 pre-recorded videos

VIDEO PAC 3 (5003):

Choose any 3 pre-recorded videos









CUSTOM 5 or 10 MINUTE VIDEO (5004 & 5005):

These are custom videos which you direct and I act out! You tell me what you want to see and I film it. Note: I don't show my face or do any insertions.


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CONDOM (5006):

I'm slapping on one of my magnum condoms and jacking a new fresh load into it, but before that you will see lots of posing and flexing as I show off muscles, my asshole and my hard cock!

Running Time:

SHOWER (5007):

This is a typical morning for this jock. Getting up, hitting the shower before heading to the gym. Doing some body shaving, posing, flexing and showing lots of jock dick and some up close and personal jock ass.

Running Time: 10 minutes

BATTER UP (5008):

I'm just getting home from practice so you catch me stripping out of my baseball uniform down to my jock and taking some practice swings with my big jock bat! Also includes me fucking a hot porn star's sweet rubber pussy!

Running Time: 15 Minutes

VENUS 2K (5009):

If you have never heard of a Venus 2000, then you are in for an eyeful of the very best hands-free masturbation system made! This is the premiere hands-free device and you can watch me lie back and enjoy this awesome machine, tugging, slurping and pumping on my cock until it pulls a nice load out of me.

Running Time: 9 Minutes

CUM REEL (5010):

This is my first cum compilation which has 8 scenes of me jacking my load into different gear. If you love watching a hard jock rod spew load after load, this one is for you! Running Time : 9 Minutes


A compilation of some of my favorite moments with my Fleshlight! Includes 6 scenes of me hardcore jacking my big jock dick with the help of the soft lips of my Fleshlight.

Running Time: 10 Minutes


The Liberator is an add-on option for your Fleshlight. The Fleshlight fits inside the Liberator so that you're able to mount it and fuck it hands free! If you like watching a hard bodied jock's moves and enjoy LOTS of jock ass, then you will like this video for sure! Running Time: 10 Minutes

PENIS PUMP (5013):

If you're a fan of tight spandex/lycra gear and watching a bloated jock cock being pumped to to its max, then this video won't disappoint! I start in some compression shorts with some posing and flexing before getting down to some skin tight square cut briefs, and that's just the beginning! I then break out my penis pump and pump a thick load into it.

Running Time: 10 Minutes

SOCKS-FEET (5014):

For all you feet fans you get to watch me peel off my sweaty, smelly socks after a hard workout and show off my achey feet for you before I pull out my cock and jack a hot load of cum right on to my stanky foot!

Running Time: 15 Minutes

RED JOCK (5015):

For your jock fans, I'm putting on one of my favorites and giving you lots of jock ass while my balls hang out before I jump on the bed with some more posing before getting down to business and jacking my jock jizz into my favorite red jock!

Running Time: 10 Minutes